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Electric cars are the medium that will revolutionize the earth's mobility sector in the near future. More and more states are investing billions of dollars to replace cars with combustion engines, with electric vehicles. In addition to the U.S. and European states, even China expects to have only electric cars on its territory by 2060.:

The efficiency of electric motors

The efficiency of the electric motor is greater than that of an internal combustion engine of equal power. Just think, in fact, that only 10% of the energy present in the battery of an electric car is lost. This loss of efficiency is very low, if compared with the 40% of cars with combustion engines. Even from the point of view of the cost for the final consumer, the electric motor has advantages: 100 km driven with an electric car cost, depending on the energy source used for charging and the car model, between three and six euros, against twenty to twenty-five euros for a car with an internal combustion engine. It should also be considered the fact that, the costs of recharging the battery can also be canceled, if the car owner has a home photovoltaic system, with which to recharge the battery of his car. :

Electric cars as a solution to environmental problems (and not only)

Electric cars do not emit (at least directly) Co2, the greenhouse gas believed to be the cause of global warming. Thanks to the ever-increasing production of energy from renewable sources, it is not excluded that, within a few years, electric mobility will have an environmental impact close to zero. In the electric engine there is no combustion and no carbon dioxide is emitted. In addition, the combustion of hydrocarbons causes the production of nitrogen dioxide, a gas which, according to the European Environment Agency (EEA), causes 21,040 premature deaths in Italy alone. Thanks to their high efficiency and the lack of numerous gears that create friction, electric cars also do not emit the so-called fine dust (PM 5 and PM 10), caused by the micro wear of metals in traditional cars, including the braking system. It is precisely in the braking system of an electric car that there is a great advantage over traditional cars. Electric cars, in fact, no longer brake thanks to calipers that wear a disc, but thanks to the so-called 'regenerative braking', reversing the flow of energy between battery and motor, avoiding friction and recovering energy. The production of micro metal particles is not a secondary problem, but it is probably the real reason that is convincing more and more institutions and states to encourage the electrification of the vehicle fleet. According to the WHO, in Italy alone, sixty-six thousand people die because of fine dust, deaths that could be avoided thanks to electric cars. :

How to invest in the Mega Trend of electric cars

Kimura Trading, in the E-CARS BASKET has included the 5 main companies that have as their core business the production and marketing of electric vehicles.:

TESLA:Tesla is the first company that comes to mind when we think of electric cars. Founded by the eccentric millionaire Elon Musk, Tesla has managed to become the first car company in the world by capitalization. Tesla is not only a brand of electric cars, its immense value comes from the extensive network of proprietary fueling stations in the world (the so-called supercharger) and projects related to autonomous driving and the creation of the world's largest fleet of robotaxy.
AYRO:Ayro is a U.S.-based company based in Texas that manufactures and markets electric vehicles specifically designed to make macro-distribution and so-called 'last mile delivery' sustainable. Ayro is able to customize fleets according to the needs of the buyer, be it a large company rather than an institution.
LI AUTO:Li auto is a Chinese luxury electric vehicle manufacturer. The main product is an SUV called Li ONE, the company, in addition to cars, offers related products such as charging stations, car internet connection services and lifetime warranty packages.
NIO:Nio manufactures and sells smart electric vehicles. One of the company's strengths is autonomous driving, integrated with next-generation technologies and artificial intelligence. Its flagship product is the ES8 model, a seven-seat electric SUV made entirely of aluminum alloy. This model is able to accelerate from zero to one hundred kilometers per hour in 4.4 seconds. Very consumer care oriented, it offers insurance, warranty and replacement car services during service.
XPENG:Xpeng Inc is a China-based company engaged in the design, development, manufacture and sale of smart electric vehicles. The company's main products are a type of SUV called G3 and a type of four-door sports sedan called P7. It also provides a range of services to customers, including maintenance service, ride-hailing service and vehicle leasing service.

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